Effective Industrial Solutions for the Emerging World.

We specialise in mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, and BBBEE implementation. Our team, rich in executive and operational expertise, focuses on small to medium enterprises. We collaborate closely with strategic partners to implement industrial projects mainly in South Africa and the Emerging World, aiming for sustainable growth and lasting value.

Driving Success Across Five Core Competencies

At EWI2, we excel in the following key areas

Specialised Vehicle & Equipment Design

We develop unique vehicles and equipment tailored to your needs.

Global Sales & Support

Providing international sales channels and comprehensive product support.

Industrial Cluster Implementation

In the Emerging World, we leverage automotive technology as a catalyst for industrial growth.

Strategic Sourcing

From needs assessment to cost-effective procurement, our network includes both South African partners and global suppliers. We provide full product support and training.

Turnkey Project Management

We offer complete project solutions for technically demanding programmes.

Latest Initiatives :

EWI2 | 8M Project

Initiated in 2011, the 8M Project achieved rapid milestones, completing eight prototypes by the end of 2014 and a total of 18 vehicles by April 2015 for the Chinese market. Zhejiang Sikabo Special Equipment Co., Ltd., our strategic manufacturing partner, has industrialised the 8M model. Targeting customers primarily in emerging markets outside of China, the 8M Project is a blend of innovation and market responsiveness.


Mobilit'e' Innovations

Mobilit’e’ Innovations is a leader in customised mobility, focusing on low-volume automotive systems. With global reach and robust sourcing capabilities, the company excels in design, industrialisation, and project management. Specialising in turnkey solutions, Mobilit’e’ Innovations seamlessly merges automotive innovation with industrial expansion in emerging markets.


Creating Sustainable Value & Driving Impactful Change in South Africa & the Emerging World.