8M: All-Terrain, All-Situation Tactical Vehicle

The 8ML is a 4×4 light tactical vehicle, designed for landmine protection. Developed in collaboration with FIRMACO and EWI2, the vehicle responds to global security needs. To date, 20 units have been built and certified by Chinese authorities. Versatile in application, the 8ML can be used in military and civil contexts—ranging from peacekeeping and counter-terrorism to public security and medical support—providing robust protection in high-threat situations.

Introduction to the 8M:


  • Advanced landmine and IED protection with 2-piece structure and clamshell construction.
  • Fills gap in Chinese market for landmine-protected vehicles
  • Strong and resolute exterior, neat interior.
  • Equipped with 220Kw turbocharged diesel engine, approximately 23 hp per ton at GVM.
  • Full-time 4WD, inter-axle and inter-wheel differentials for superior on and off-road mobility.

Key features of the 8M:


  • All-terrain tyres, optional CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System).
  • Suitable for diverse road conditions.
  • Wide field of vision for the driver.
  • Adjustable seat and high-power air conditioning for comfort.
  • Large payload capacity; can accommodate weapon stations or non-lethal weapons.
  • Add-on armour for enhanced ballistic protection.
  • Modular design for varied applications: extended versions, mountain pickups, containers, etc.
  • Transportable via C130 aircraft or suitable helicopters for rapid deployment.

For additional details on the 8M project, reach out us.