About Us

EWI2 focuses on specialised automotive technology, targeting both local and export markets in commercial and defence sectors. We also explore additional opportunities if they make business sense and don’t distract from our core mission. Innovation is key; we’re always open to adopting futuristic technologies.

We operate through subsidiaries and close-knit strategic partners, coordinated by a single-layer management for efficiency and unity. Our project teams comprise experts aiming for continuous improvement. We also cultivate networks to foster mutually beneficial alliances.

We offer practical, cost-effective solutions backed by strong products and brands. Our growth strategies include breaking into new markets and launching inventive systems.

We’re committed to diversity, reflecting the demographics of our country in our team, and ensuring financial stability through a variety of profitable ventures. Integrity and strong corporate governance are our non-negotiables.


Key Management at EWI2

Fanie Pretorius is a seasoned expert in automotive engineering and business management. Educated at Pretoria Technicon and Unisa Business School, he holds a technical qualification in Automotive Engineering and an MBA. His career kicked off in 1974, as a trainee Development Engineer, eventually leading him to TFM, a pioneering company in South Africa’s special vehicle sector.

At TFM, Fanie took on various senior roles, ultimately becoming General Manager. Under his leadership, the company developed innovative vehicle designs that became international benchmarks and were chosen by the UN for peacekeeping missions. The firm also expanded its global footprint to over 15 countries.

After TFM’s acquisition by the Reunert Group, Fanie spent two years in Jordan, launching a Greenfield company that specialized in refurbishing and manufacturing special vehicles. He returned to South Africa in 2007 and founded Special Automotive Industries, a project company that supplied automation systems for Mercedes Benz.

In 2010, Fanie brokered a technical skills transfer programme with China, focusing on landmine-protected vehicles. The project concluded successfully in 2015. 

He is currently involved in an electric vehicle initiative and in stabilising Denel Vehicle Systems. His extensive experience not only spans building companies from scratch but also adapting to formal corporate structures, making him a versatile leader in both the automotive industry and international business.

Creating Sustainable Value & Driving Impactful Change in South Africa & the Emerging World.