Mobilit’e‘ Innovations

  • Green Hydrog ’e’n™
  • Micro Mobilit ’e’™
  • Mobil ’e’nergy™

Mobilit’e’ Innovations is a leader in customised mobility, focusing on low-volume automotive systems. With global reach and robust sourcing capabilities, the company excels in design, industrialisation, and project management. Specialising in turnkey solutions, Mobilit’e’ Solutions seamlessly merges automotive innovation with industrial expansion in emerging markets.

MI has launched the following interventions that will make a meaningful contribution in Township Economies:

Green Hydrog ’e’n™

A patent pending process to manufacture hydrogen from waste plastic.

Mobil ’e’™nergy

Offering Energy as a Service based on afforable EV mobility, focussing on Township SMME’s.

Micro Mobilit ’e’™

Establishing in the short term a SKD assembly operation and to be expanded with a cost effective localisation programme.

Industrialisation of the Green Hydrog ’e’nprocess plant

  • Implement an Owner operator scheme housed in Co-op structure, to lower financial risk, that will be able to collect garbage and deliver to sorting site.
  • Deliver waste plastic bags to the process plant after sorting process as input material.
  • EWI2 micromobilit’e’ vehicles will be used.
  • The Green Hydrog ’e’nprocess plant will provide H2 to a 2Mw fuel cell that will provide charging capability for the EWI2 mircomobilit’e’ vehicles as well as its Mobile‘e’nergy systems.

Creating Sustainable Value & Driving Impactful Change in South Africa & the Emerging World.